Tour d’Afrique – Indian Adventure (2012)

 Tour d’Afrique | Indian Adventure – 2012 (Slideshow)

Riders:  Charles Feaver, Dave Ford, Michael Kennedy, Catriona Kennedy, Sterling Lee, Tracey Moi, Tony Nester, John Stowe, Rudolph Tize, Agnes Ziltener, Lisa-Lotte Andersen, Alfred Benjamin, Evelyn Benjamin, John Gradwell, Ralph Monfort, Henrik Norup, David Williams

Crew S.Baba, Shanny Hill, Vinay Menon, Haldun Ulkenli, Bunty, Rana Gyanender, Maneesh, Sandeep

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  1. nice trip Vinay

    September 15, 2012 at 12:32 PM

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