Heat Lock – Pune

Rubber melting summer of Pune was in full swing. With rumblings about a nationwide lock down buzzing over the news feeds, before the town got indefinitely shut, I logged in a few rides on my home trails in Pune.

Solo spins followed by home food is a peaceful experience. While on these solo rides, I don’t usually care if its the noon heat or the graceful dawn or dusk. Sip that coffee and hit the trails. Twenty twenty summer rides were trimmed due to the city closures caused by Covid-19 pandemic.

By mid March, I went scouting (without the bike) for new hills to ride outside Pune city. Was a bad idea not carrying the bike along as I was stuck in the hills during the lock down! Thanks to my generous friend’s family who gave me space to bunk for the duration. To keep myself occupied during the time, I’d run up and down the hills imagining about riding a bike! Gave me time to introspect.