Hucking in Goa (2012)

As we all know, 21st Dec did not lead earth towards the white light. Well,what if it has happened! Which means we are now in the new era! And at dawn of the new day, Gautam Taode and I decided to land some mountain bike wheels on Goa shores.

With bright nights and mining sites, Goa sure has a few shred zones. To lead us through these fenced areas, we had the ‘’ folks who’d invited us to do a little trail scouting in the area. ‘’ is an adventure sports web portal focusing on the Indian subcontinent action.

First day of the hunt, we stumbled upon an abandoned dig site on the outskirts of Goa. Red soil, natural trannies, clean run ins; a huckersville was emerging! After a day of prepping up the landing zone for a 30ftr, it was throw down time for me. As kites sailed in clear skies the bright sun and calm winds waved the green for lift off. The result; two fly offs, one clean and one gnarl induced over shooting touch down! After a clean first attempt, I decided to go for some style satisfying second run. The only style that came out of the second huck was a black eye, sore neck and a concussion. I ended up over shooting the landing zone and smacked my head on the flat floor. I opted to stay low and called on for party time for the rest of my trip, Goa style.

While Gautam played in the coastal dirt airing out and churning descents straight into the ocean waves, I kept myself trigger happy with the cameras. As the planet entered into 2013 intact, we had some sick times and ridiculous tales captured on our memory cards. It was now time to hop on a 10Hr bus ride back to Pune for some good old home trail dining.

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