Freerider Mountain Bike e-Magazine has been summing up all the quality Mountain Biking and BMX action from India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Sri Lanka and around the world since 2011. Started off by my buddies in 2011, only to halt after 6 months into operations, with 3 bimonthly issues compiled. Seeing this disappointing state of the only mountain biking/BMX news platform, I took over the role of Deputy Editor in 2011 to continue FRMTB onto this now 12 year old active e-magazine!

With regular contribution from accomplished photographers, athletes, journalists from all over the globe I’ve managed to put together some exciting content over the years.

Continuing into 2015, as the Chief Editor, I brought FRMTB over to the wildfire media platform, Instagram!


With faster and better reach of the Instagram platform, FRMTB has been able to share the action with even more mountain biking and BMX enthusiasts in the past 8 years and counting!