Project Solo | GuiDe National Geopark – China

China has a vast mountain scape that’s still untouched by bikes. One such region is Qinghai in North-West China. Earlier in 2017, GuiDe County hosted the 2nd “TDRY GuiDe Geopark International DH Race” in their unique topography. After receiving an invite, it was a 24Hrs journey to Xining in Qinghai province of China.

Team “Trailscapes” from Australia are well known in Asia too, for their raw trails in many bike parks and race courses across the continent. For the 2nd TDRY GuiDe Geopark International DH Race, Trailscapes crew led charge of priming up the race course with new features and slicker lines. The race list packed up with over 150 racers. Along-side the DH course, the park has a DJ and a 2X track. As the 2X heats kept going through the day, the DJ boys kept the excitement levels soaring.

Come race day, in 2X, I managed to squeeze my-self into the top 10 spot and cruised to a 11th in Downhill elites amongst some seasoned pros from Japan, Canada, Germany, Iran and more. Racing in a new country on fine trails is always a learning experience. This was too!

Once the race tapes were removed, finish line arches were off; I started my scope-n-probe! With a backpack brimmed with water, hiking up the hill in the scorching sun made the hunger for descending, sweeter. 

A week of racing and rolling down unridden lines in the mountains of GuiDe County, it was time to zip up the bike bag. 

Thanks to the event organizers and volunteers for all the hospitality. Shout out to Garry Patterson of Trailscapes (Australia) for all the help! 


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