Fourteen Inset (2014)

A new season has begun with a bright ray of action. The Pune crew got in 2014, airborne. Dighi, our primary hill for flight lift offs saw new features in the dig. Our old trail needed fun boosters to get in some funky times. Heres an account of what the first quarter of 2014 looked like.

Part I: What better way to step into a new year than some good ol cliff hucking! With busy shovel hours, our crew of Cephas Joseph, Piyush Chavan and myself got a new road gap sculpted. A new line riding off an old trail the ‘Dighi Group Day’ gap is around 35 feet or so. With a slick fast run in into a dirt lip and a landing zone with a steep top and rocky run out, this new gapper we planted on the hill was our door into the new year! After a speed check it was game time as I cranked towards the launcher. A 2 Second hangtime and boom! Landed and rode out clean! Good welcome for a new season.

With the new ‘Dighi Group Day’ gap in the bag, it was Piyush’s time to air a new one. Skipping the gaper for now, the young gun decided to test out the ‘Vital Drop’. A 15ft cliff drop with a rocky run out. This drops been on Piyush’s mind for over a year and he finally bounced up to go for it on 1st Jan. The rock cliff in the afternoon sun saw P-ush go off the lip and sail out clean!

Part II: Through the good Pune weather, everyone from the gang stepped up in some way or the other. Another new addition on our Dighi hill is a dirt set! This new launcher called in for some air dancing.

As the summer temperatures are reaching its peak, our mountain bikes are itching to hit the dry dirt. Races, travels and new gear make the list for this season. With a high fiving start we are sure 2014s going to be a braaaped one.


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