Bengaluru 2010

Bengaluru/Tirupati/Nandi Hills

A Tirupati visit has been on the cards for quite a while now. And a shaving the locks trip was building up this December. My buddies, Mugoo from Mumbai and Nelly from Bengaluru were up for it as well. We decided to roll from Bengaluru to Tirupati in Nellys 1985 Suzuki 800 on which we strapped 3 DH bikes, in case we got access to the hills around Tirupati… Something we dint! So this was a bit of a disappointment. We got to the temple as our bikes were chilling back in the hotel room. After a quick attire adaptation, we were off to the Tonsure zone! Entered with a lawn on our heads and exited with slick sunny cranium! An experience for sure! After the Darshan, we drove back to Bengaluru thru the night.

Next morning its time to head for Nandi Hills. Iggy, our buddy from Bengaluru decided to hop in for the ride as well. Got a motobike along as the car was full of bikes and gear. So with a car as old as us, 4 DH bikes and a motobike we hit the road to Nandi Hills, around 70Kms from Bengaluru city. These hills offer a stunning view along with a remarkable trail stretch. We found the locations to get some stills, set up, and it was, Ride time. A few runs into the day, Nelly had a tiff with a territorial tree. Hitting his ankle on the stump like an axe.   Calling it a day!

Decided to stay back for the night, in a lodge on top of the hill. With an ambiance suitable for Rob Zombies next depressing flick we made our way to the rooms which were infested with hybrid arachnids! With a swollen ankle Nellys evening was spent with an ice bag and pain killers. While all of us shared our rooms with Spiders, mosquitos and some yet to be discovered insects, Mr.Mugoo spent his night in the car as he was petrified like a 5 year old kid!

With a crisp bright morning ahead of us we rolled to the trail head for yet another day in the mountains. After riding some new sections and capturing a few decent images we wrapped up the weekend with Nelly having a tussle with the territorial tree once again!

Leaving the mountains behind we drove the ‘Supa Car 800’ into Bengaluru City. And Mugoo and I hopped onto the Bus to Pune.

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