Temperature Peaking

With our burning star throwing extreme temperatures this year across India, Pune in Maharashtra saw a fiery summer. Uprooting breathing trees and making way for more dead concrete, future for homosapiens is surely not looking bright. In the time we have, roping in as much of good times on bikes on the little of mountains that we have left of, is a respite from the chaos.

Super dry trails lay ahead for the summer this year. Dusty, low traction dirt had the treads drifting down the Pune hills. Making full use of the sunny skies, I rolled on for longer days of spinning! Bringing the Psynyde Dioxide prototype DH frame out on the trails was an interesting one. The heavier weight of the prototype felt like riding one of my older burlier DH rigs with thicker gauge tubing. Surely maneuvering a heavier bike added to the fresh feel. 

Psynyde Bikes “DIOXIDE” prototype makes it on www.vitalmtb.com #BIKEOFTHEDAY

Testing the Psynyde Bikes #DIOXIDE prototype DH frame on one of my backyard trails in Pune.

Brushing up my 360s on the big bike was ticked off on the summer list. Along with enduro laps on my backyard trails in Pune, the peak of summers was adding to my riding temperatures.

360 spins on the big bike are always fun!

A few TVC projects lined up through summer, one of the funner ones, the Ti Cycles – “Hercules Top Gear” shoot in Rishikesh. Working with good buddies in a beautiful location, good times!

Riders: Kaushik Karandikar and Rohan Gawade