Hardtail Summer Tales

New season and a fresh new rig to play! Kicking off the year I hopped on the newest iteration of our Psynyde FURAN. A bicycle we at Psynyde Bikes created in 2016 for the riders looking for an affordable aggressive hardtail in India.

For 2022, we have the new and updated geometry Furan retailing for about fifty thousand Indian rupees. A hardtail we made to shred the trails and not your wallet! With a geo suitable for most of the aggressive trails in Pune, I parked my 160mm Enduro bike and steered on with the good ol hardtail. With a 120mm travel Suntour XCM fork up front, the stock FURAN isn’t a top of the line build. But for a good time on your chosen trial you only need a capable bike with well functioning components and not some exorbitantly priced bass boost system with bluetooth and a battery compartment!

As I frequently commute through Pune city and to my backyard hills, the hardtail proves a swift machine. Being agile, the stock Furan allows me to easily climb up most trails and shifts well into its descending avatar on top of the hill. Keeping my aggression in check on this ‘trail hardtail’, the stock Furan still allows me to air off fun little features on the trails.

A major part of the summer this year was spent on the rigid rear of the Furan. I love the simplicity of a hardtail. Being able to pickup the bike, pedal to the hill, then pedal up the trail, switch on some metal beats and rip down the trails, followed by preferred choice of beverage! Now that’s a good day!

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